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cooling in summer, 10 tips are a superhit

Summer season i.e. sweating, laziness, loss of the whole day, lethargy, and the special attachment to water. Yes, apart from this, small problems associated with health are very common in these days. To avoid all this, it is necessary to maintain agility and change in routine. Know some important tips that will give you relief from heat problems

Bothered by sweat and funk in the heat? Know 10 Home Remedies
Summer season

Bothered by sweat and funk in the heat? Know 10 Home Remedies

1 Protection from the sunshine - The most important and the first tips in summer is that you should take full care of security while you are in the sun. Avoid entering the sunlight from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m. in the morning. If you have to go outside, then completely cover the body and leave the raw onions together. Must use caps, sunglasses, and sunscreen
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2 Drink more - In the summer season instead of solid food, drink liquid water such as cold water, lemon water, lemon, sorbet, carry bean, fruit juice, buttermilk, lassi and much more. And the level of energy will remain.
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3 cold-blooded items - To avoid the heart-related side effects, eat cold taped foods. Add vinegar, curry leaves, amla, raw onions to the meal. Identify the foods not on the basis of hot, but on the basis of their feathers, such as ice cream, cold drinks, and ice balls, but also increase the heat of the body.
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4 Light-colored clothes - You can use light colored clothes to stay cool in summer, light colors cool down the eyes. Wear thin and light clothes such as cotton, chiffon, georgette, crepe in this season, where the air is easy to go.
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 Make these 5 things to eat in summer

5 Fresh and durable food - Eat light, fresh and quick-digested food. Eat less than hunger and drink more water. Lustful fruits such as watermelon, mangoes, oranges, grapes, melon etc. will also fill the stomach and they will also meet the water needs in the body.

6 Reduce physical labor - Water and minerals are excreted in large quantities in the form of perspiration with excessive physical labor in the summer. This reduces the water and mineral salts in the body. In this situation, metabolic rates are affected.

7 Complete sleep - Sleep is not sufficient in the summer and it is tired, which causes unnecessary irritation, so whenever you feel the need for rest, rest all the work and relax.
8 Focus on exercises - A little work done in heat and humidity gives the body fatigue, but this does not mean that quit exercises. Exercise can also be done by adopting light exercise, easy, meditation, yoga, pranayama or by rotating in the morning and evening.

9 Cool from nature - feel the coolness of nature while rising early in the morning and strolling in the evening. Water the plants, walk barefoot on green grass, adorn the colorful flowers, breathe deep into the pure and open air. Also, visit the natural places in summer.

10 Whenever you go out in the heat, drink a cold drink. After coming home, wash your face with cold water or you can have ice massage on the skin. This will make you feel quite refreshed.

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