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WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp New Features

Whatsapp is now seven years old. Almost a billion people use WhatsApp to reach friends and family all over the world. Recently WhatsApp joined one billion users in the club. It uses one in every seven people on earth to stay in touch with their friends and their family.

Almost all users have a whotspot on the mobile today. Update notifications regularly for WhatsApp updates and you also update it. But do you know what new achievements you have achieved in all these updates? If you do not know then you are missing out on many features of whatsapp.

Here are the total and interesting features of Whatsapp that you should know about.

What's App 'Delete for Everywhere' Feature:

Nothing comes in life in everyone's life, where we send messages to the wrong person. This will help with this new Whatsapp feature.

Smartphones have become a major part of our communication and therefore our number of contacts has become hundreds. There is little difference between the names of these contacts between the two names. In such cases, sometimes a mistake goes on the message.

Using this feature, you can delete the message sent and it will be deleted from the receiver's whitespace.

However, there are some rules and conditions for this. Messages can be deleted within seven minutes of sending.

Delete for Everywhere' Feature,Group chat with 256 people at a time:
whatsaapp new features

how it works:

1) Keep the message you want to delete, then select "Delete" from the menu. You can select and delete many messages at once.

2) Then you will have to select "Delete for Everyone" for others so that your message is not visible.

whatsapp  new features

1) Whatsapp has happened now:

The service of Whatsapp was completely free for the first year and after that every year a subscription subscription fee was required. But now WhatsApp has formally announced through its blog, that now the subscription fee will not be charged after the year's use on WhatsApp.

 2) Group chat with 256 people at a time:

The group's membership in WhatsApp was only 100, which has now been increased to 256. Therefore, Whatsapp is a great way to keep in touch with your family, friends and colleagues. You can also create an unlimited group with additional people in the group.
3) Bookmark Message:
So far, we are using Star for important email. But now this feature has been added to What'sapp. The Star Messaging feature can highlight and pin special messages, so that you can refer back to it later.

To send message -

Tap and hold the messages you want to star.
Tap on the star icon that appears above the screen.
To view starred messages -

Open Whatsapp App.

Tap on the menu button.
Tap on Star Message.

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