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vehicles insurance , knowledge

If the vehicles are getting insurance then know that the new rules will be on the car-bike so much ...
The Supreme Court has made mandatory third party insurance for 5 years with the purchase of all new vehicles from September 1, 2018. Now people will be expensive to buy a vehicle. According to the experts, at least 1 to 14 thousand on the bike and 5 to 25 thousand rupees you will have to spend extra for buying a car.
According to insurance experts many companies have announced the prices of policies after issuing the plan. If the vehicle owner wants an on-the-cover cover policy, then according to the plan, a separate policy has to be taken. This will cost extra. So far the vehicle had to take the same policy.

Why is the insurance of the vehicle necessary? What happens to third party insurance? Advantages of Third Party Insurance:
vehicles insurance , knowledge

Why is the insurance of the vehicle necessary? 

: Vehicle insurance caters to our economic losses on any kind of accident. There is a kind of contract between the insurance insurer and the company. Under this, the agreement is made in the legal form that you will pay the premium and the company will compensate for the loss due to a vehicle accident.

What happens to third party insurance? 

Third party insurance is also known as Liability Cover. This insurance is related to the third party. If someone has third party insurance of the vehicle and there is an accident, then the insurance company claims the claim. Here the first party driver and the third party are in the grip of the vehicle. Supreme Court mandates third party insurance for economic losses to the vehicle's grip
Have given. This insurance also protects the vehicle owner.

Advantages of Third Party Insurance:

 People have the concept that the insurer does not benefit from third party insurance. The correct thing is that there is no loss to the insurer, because this insurance protects the insured from all financial accidents in all accidents. These expenses also include hospital and legal expenses. Many times it happens that even if the loss of the damaged property is multiplied by you and you are not in a position to compensate it, then the insurance company gives a claim.
Insurance will be so expensive

In two-wheeler vehicles (insurance on two wheels will be valid for up to 5 years).

- 75 cc vehicles will be expensive upto Rs. 1045.
- Insurance of 76 to 150 cc will be expensive up to Rs 3,285.
- More than 350 cc power bikes will have up to 14 thousand policies.

How much expenses will be incurred on the car (insurance will be valid for 3 years)

- Up to 1000 cc for purchase of car 5 thousand
- 9,500 on the 1500 cc car
- A car of more than 1500 cc will have a policy of Rs 25,000

In addition, it will also be 18 percent GST. (Spending is based on an information. The prices of policies of insurance companies can vary.)

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