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If you have just started playing PUBG Mobile, then you might be a little confused so that you can find the best settings for playing games. PUBG runs fine on mobile default settings, but there are several twists that will make the game much easier to play. We revisited PUBG Mobile to see all the default settings in the game and you should make immediate changes to make a big impact on your game. These settings do not guarantee that you will win the game, but they ensure that you have a game that is not very welcome for new players.
PUBG Mobile are the best settings for beginners.

1. Close the mic and speaker

Every new player of PUBG Mobile gets angry after listening to other players in your life, sometimes by screaming or using impurity in the middle of the game. There is an easy way to disable it in the game. Once you're in the game, tap on the speaker icon and set it, then tap on the microphone icon and set it up. It will mute everyone and you can concentrate on accelerating your skills until you are ready to chat while playing.

2. Optimize PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings

For every smartphone, PUBG Mobile recommends some graphics settings for the best performance. It's not always accurate, but sometimes you'll get better performance or ideas that you like when you go from PUBG mobile recommendations.

Go to Settings> Graphics and choose who you are comfortable with. You can simplify graphics on low-end devices, and some players prefer the same settings on a more expensive phone because it allows them to use the highest possible frame rate setting.

We highly recommend that you change the frame rate in the maximum possible settings on this page, which is ultra on high-end phones and ultra on most other devices.

3. Style of scenes

Go to Settings> Graphics and select your style of visual in the game. You can choose between classic, colorful, realistic or soft - it changes the color tone in the game. Choose the best-looking person on your phone's screen because the classic does not work for everyone. These filters are just cosmetic changes for the scene, and some claim that colorful mode helps them to easily identify the enemies.

However, the consensus on our team is divided on this, in which most people prefer the classic mode and meet it well. We recommend that you check all these options and find out which one is best for you.

4. Optimize PUBG Mobile Control

The first thing you should do in PUBG Mobile is to change the controls. Once you open the game, go to Settings (gear icon)> Control> Optimize After joining the control menu, this option is bottom-left. Now you can fire the fire buttons and put all other buttons, wherever you find them the most comfortable.

5. Peek from the back cover

This setting is so good that it amazes it is not enabled by default. Peak and fire allow you to take out your head when you are hiding behind the cover and shoot at the enemies. This means that the aim of your enemies is just the head of your character - which is hard to hit in comparison to the character's body - and you get a chance to hit some of the security of the cover. You can enable it by going to Settings> Basic and Tapping, by going to Peek & Fire.

Some players also recommend enabling peak and open scope. It automatically opens the scope of your gun, when you peep, that gives you a great view of the surroundings and more chance to spot the enemies. You can enable it by going to Settings> Basic and Tapping Enabled Peck and Open Scope.

Close the mic and speaker,Optimize PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings
best pubg setting 

6. Loot automatically

Ideally you want to focus on the game and do not tear on the screen to take the loot. This setting allows you to take only guns and ammunition by running on them. Go to Settings> Pickup. Now enable Auto Pick-Up.

7. Set up how much ammunition you want to lift

There is a limit to the number of inventory you can make in PUBG Mobile, but it is always better to take more ammo. There is a limit on the number of rounds you carry in the game and we recommend that you bounce it a bit so that it can be ensured that you are not less than ammo. For fast-moving guns, set it to roughly 200 rounds. You can set different limits for different guns, so set them wisely. Go to settings> Pick up and set the ammo limit for each gun.
8. Change angle in pub mobile
By default you have a 90 degree view. Some players prefer to increase it for a better view of the map, when the first person plays in the scene. You can change this by going to Settings> Basic and Twining 1person camera view.

9. Add more messages to Quick Chat

Quick Chat allows you to create pre-written messages to set up templates. This is useful if you want to avoid using voice chat and communicate quickly with teammates. Go to Settings> Quick Chat and add new messages.

10. Change CrossHair Color

CrossHair allows you to target your weapon in every shooting game. You can change its color in PUBG mobile so that it can be easily applied. Just go to Setting> Basic and choose your preferred CrossHair color.

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