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Player Unrecognized Battleground (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle Royal game developed by PUBG Corporation. It is a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluhol. PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is a competitive survival shooter game. PUBG is now being developed by PUBG Corp, which is a Bluhol subsidiary in cooperationwith Brendan Green (PLAYERUNKNOWN), in which Creative Director is PUBG Green's first standalone game.In the game, a hundred players avoid the killing of the parachute on an island, killing others and tampering for arms and equipment. The available safe area of the game map decreases with size, so living players are directed to difficult areas to force encounters. The final player or team wins the goal by standing and running.This game was released for Microsoft Windows through Steam's Early Access Beta Program in March 2017, with a full release on December 20, 2017. The same month, the game was released for the Xbox One by the Xbox One preview program, and officially released in September 2018. In the beginning of 2018, it was released by local and Tenant Games in China, while Two mobile versions were released on the basis of games for Android and iOS. This game is the best-selling game with more than fifty million sold in all platforms by June 2018. In addition, the Windows version has a consistent player calculation of more than three million on Steam, which is an all time high platform.The Battleground received a positive reception from critics during both early access period and official release, who found that the game was not yet completely over and there were some technical errors, the battlefields presented new types of gameplay, Also the skill level players could have been contacted and was highly replayable. This game received many game of the year nominations among many awards, and is considered by Green as the defining game of the War Royale genre. In the success of the battlefields, the following several other video games added war rhyale-style mode, while mainly cloning out of China. The PUBG corporation has run many small tournaments and has introduced game tools to help the game broadcast to the audience, because they want to become popular popular as it is.
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Brandon "Player Unaware" Green at 2018 Game Developers Conference

Lead designer Brendan Green, known as his online handler player, created an offshoot of the first ARMA 2 Mod Days: Battle Royal, the popular Mod Days, and was inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royal. [9] At that time, he made the DZ Amount: Around 2013, Battle Royale played Black Hawk Down Video Game for some years as Irish-Green Photographer, Graphic Designer and Web Designer and Delta Force in Brazil, and US Army Daisydude caught his interest in realistic military simulation and its open-end gameplay, and started playing with a custom server, as well as he Went with Graming, started to learn it. Green reiterated the most multiplayer first person shooters, considering the map small and easy-to-remember ideas. He wanted to make something with some random aspects so that the players did not know what to do to create high speed repetition capability; It was done largely by creating large maps, which could not be easily discounted, and using random item placement in green was inspired by online competition for Davis, which was called the game, in which many twitch TVs and The YouTube players were only fought till then; Because he himself was not a dreamer, Green wanted to create a similar game mode, which anyone could play. His initial attempt at this mode was more motivated than The Hunger Games novels, where the players used to be ready for weapons stores at the central location, but partly gave arms to the players by spreading arms around them. Taken away, and even to avoid copyright issues with novels. While taking inspiration from the Battle Royal movie, Green Square wanted to use safe areas, but their inexperience in coding prompted them to use circular safe areas, which remained till the battlefield.
Into the game
Players are dropped into a wide, open field.
They fight with death - all battlefields are shrunk.
Talking in numbers

About 100 people are against each other in each match
Some of them may be in teams, while others are going to do it alone.
Winners get the title of the prestigious winner winner, Chicken Dinner,
It connects their in-game currency, allowing them to buy cosmetic items.

Emote System

Emote is an entry in a text-based chat client that prompts an action.
Emoticons, they are not text art, and instead describe the action using words or i or images.
Mute players or players who have no mics, just have a chance to communicate.
This adds a little fun without killing the PUBG's hardcore tone.

on the killing spree

There is a special zombie-centric mode, it follows a similar pattern.
Killing any other player reduces your competition
It also gives you the opportunity to grab some loot.
Your character can take only limited amounts of gear, so choose wisely.


Often players play well on the game, but due to ignoring some important points, the thieves are unable to make dinner.
There will be very few people who do not know the video game PUBG. This game is very popular in almost every gaming platform.. Whether PC or Mobile, this game is very much liked in every platform. You can also play this survival game with friends alone and friends. There are no more difficult rules to play and win the game, but the player must take care of only practice and some things. Often players play well in the game, but because of ignoring some important points, thieves are unable to make dinneSo we are going to give you some tips, by following which you can save yourself and increase kills. and And even increase the chances of making your own chicken dinner.

PUBG gives strict dress options for players inside the game. Some of them are free and they meet on buying. They include hats, caps, shirts, T-shirts, jackets, paint, jeans, shoes, shoes, and many other types of costumes and accessories. Most of these are also very colorful dresses. In such a situation, some players feel that they will look very tremendous. But, they forget that such costume players do not help in hiding. Due to the colorful or bright dress, the player can appear from the enemy far away. Therefore, the player should try that he is wearing such a cost because of which he can easily hide in the jungle or in the desert and not be easily visible.

Choose firing mode correctly

If you play PUBG, then you should know that auto-mode is a great option for shooting in the close range in the game, but if you fire in a distant range on auto mode, then there are more possibilities that your goal is easy Can escape from Actually, the reason for this is that guns have a recurrence in auto mode. Due to the reckoning, the gun is not fixed at the time of firing and does not reach the target directly. In this case, you should always change the fire rate of your gun while checking your shooting range. The use of single-mode is the most effective combination of auto-mode and away for nearby shooting range.
Locate the place from migration

In this game you can easily learn the running or running sounds of the other player. In this way, we advise you to play as much comfort and possible game as possible, so that your enemy can not detect your place or movements. If you fire then the other team on your target is entirely on your target. There is a lot of work in the last few minutes of this game.

Do not use the car in the last time of the game

In the points given above, we advised to be silent. It is a good idea to relax in a circle by driving in PUBG. But, using it every time it can put the player in danger. This happens often when you are at the last stop of the game and all the remaining players are hidden inside the circle. If you take a vehicle at such times, then everyone will have news of your arrival and even your location is also known.)

Keep drops for dropbox

You will all know the dropbox. Many players in this game run behind this box. Which is the best robbery you got in the Dropbox.. Any team that receives shirts shoes in the first drop and Bow becomes the target of the other team. Our advice to you is that you are always a little away from the dropbox and check around you if you do not have a player of another team When you feel that your way has become clear, you should go to the box as soon as possible. If you are with the team, then a team player should always go to the box and the rest team should support the cover of that single player.

After considering these suggestions, your chicken dinner can increase the chance


BATTLEGROUNDS is on different islands (map)
The main island is called Arangel for BATTLEGROUNDS.
This is an abandoned Russian island where a military business was controlling the island.
Military occupation on the population of islands tested chemical / biological experiments
After the resistance attack on an organic facility, the island had to leave..


Released in April 2018
This experimental test is being regularly tested on the server (should not be confused with regular test server)
No news on dates for a complete release
We can expect the development of this one to take a little more time.
The experimental server grants this kind of early access to the beta version.
This will allow you to gain first hand experience which is under development

Game modes
Some new types of modes come in and out of rotation in the weekend
New Deathmatch-style war mode also attacked custom game rotation

PUBG Achievement 

Voice Chats
Voice Chats are live
Friends list lets you see the leaderboard of your friends

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