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Prime Minister Jeevan Jyoti insurance

Prime Minister Jeevan Jyoti  insurance

A small investment for a secure future; For life insurance of millions of rupees, only Rs. Invest 330  per year, yes we talk about Prime minister jeevan jyoti insurance. Age 18 to 50 years
Insurance Term: June 1 to May 31
Annual Premium through Auto Debit facility from bank account
The accident should be your medicine within 30 days, and within 60 days, claim that the customers are already taking advantage of these plans and are ensuring that there should be sufficient balance in your account on May 31, 2018. Benefits of plans

Eligibility,Policy period,the premium,Enrollment system,Insurance benefits

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You save yourself from the risk of accident, which has already taken 13.25 million people
Rupee. 286.28 crores have been claimed
5.22 Over 9 people have secured the fate of their loved ones. You too can
So far 79,485 households have been paid Rs. Claims worth 1589.70 million have been settled
Prime Minister Jeevan Jyoti Insurance is a government-sponsored life insurance plan. This plan is a one year cover term life insurance plan, which can be renewed annually and provides life insurance cover on death due to any reason.

This scheme is provided / operated by the Bank of Baroda by the M / s India First Life Insurance Company.


All savings bank account holders of 18 to 50 years of age can join this scheme. If a person has many savings bank accounts in one or different banks, then that person can only be involved in this scheme through a savings bank account.

Policy period

From 1st June to next year, until 31st May

the premium

Rupees. 330 / - per person per person up to 2 lakh

Under this scheme, the premium amount will be deducted from the Savings Bank Account for each annual coverage period, on or before May 31, in accordance with the option given in one installment, through the 'Auto Debit' facility. After 31st May, the delay for the potential cover will be possible after the enrollment of the annual premium and after self-certification of good health.

Enrollment system

The account holder can enroll for PMJJBY through any of the following systems.

Go to the branch
Through Baroda Connect (Internet Banking)
At any given time, the person living outside the scheme can join the scheme by presenting the declaration of good health in the prescribed format.

Insurance benefits

The details of the insurance benefits are as follows:
Statement sum insured
2 lakhs on death
Termination of insurance
Members' life insurance will end on the following events and they will not be given any benefit in the following situations:

Upon the age of 55 years (around birth day) under annual renewal (although, entry will not be possible if age of 50 years)
Inadequate balance to close the account in the bank or continue insurance
In the case of multiple coverage under the scheme, insurance cover is about Rs. Will be limited to 2 lakh and the premium will be seized.
Other Important Terms and Conditions
If the insurance cover is terminated for any technical reasons, such as insufficient balance or any other administrative reason on the due date, then it can be re-applied once the satisfactory statement of full annual premium and good health is received. During this period, the risk cover will be suspended and subject to the UC / insurer's discretionary rights to re-apply the risk cover.
The insurance provided under this scheme will be subject to the initial lien of 45 days. No claim will be accepted on death during 45 days before the date of commencement of risk. However, if the cause of death is accident, then this rule will not be applicable. No lien will be imposed on the renewal made later.
Exceptions and other details can be seen in Master Policy

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