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know about Facebook Messenger and their Uses

In today's post we are going to tell you about Facebook Messenger if you do not have an account on Facebook and you want to use it, then you are reading the right post because apart from this you will know how Messenger uses only
How to see offline in Messenger, today you will learn through this post. We will explain this in a very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. In the same way, you continue to like all the posts coming to our blog.

Today everyone uses social media. Through this it is connected to your friends and relatives. Through social media we can talk to any person living away and send them their photo-video and you can also make video calls from anyone through it.


There are so many apps available on the internet today that you can talk to your loved ones all the time. You can not just talk to anyone through it, but you can also provide or receive many types of information on Facebook. Facebook also knows about incidents happening in India and abroad.

So, now what is Facebook Messenger? If you want to run Messenger too, then read this post. How to run Messenger from start to finish. Only after reading the post to the end will you get full information about it.

What is messenger

Facebook Messenger is the only app of Facebook. Facebook is the world's most popular Social Networking Site. Today most of the same social site is used.
We previously used to post messages on Facebook and share photos, videos, but later Facebook Messenger was separated from Facebook, which was named Facebook Messenger.
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So if you have to make a message and video call from Facebook Messenger, then you have to download a different Facebook Messenger. With this help, you can go to your Facebook friends without having to go to the Facebook website, voice call, and video call. Facebook Messenger can also be used in iPhone, Android, and Windows.

How to download Facebook Messenger

If you also need to download Messenger, follow the steps given below:

Install Messenger
Now download and install.

Open App

After installing, open the app. If you already have a Facebook account, Messenger will be synchronized with it and click on Continue As.

Turn On

Now after this there will be an option to synchronize the Saved Contact in your phone. The first option is Turn On and the second option is NOT Now, which you can select according to your own. Here we are selecting Turn On.

Click Allow

After selecting Turn On, you will see 3 messages. Allow all of them here.

Update Phone Number

Now, after giving permission to all, you will get the option of updating your phone number, then update it.

Tap On Ok

Your Messenger installation is complete. You will see a message. Below it you have to click the Ok button.

Facebook Messenger

Now after downloading Facebook Messenger, let's see that Messenger 
Open Messenger
After downloading it, open it.

Home Page

At the bottom of the home page, you will see five options. The first option is the Home Page where you get all the options.
Person Icon
Now after clicking on the Person Icon, you can see which of your friends running Messenger and clicking on active can see which friends are online right now.


You can create videos and photos by clicking on the Camera icon. And can share with anyone.


After that click on the option of Game, you can play the game.


At last, you get the option of Search, you can search for someone here.


Now you get the message option above. Whatever message you send, it gets to show up here.


Click Active and see which of your friends are online right now



You get all the groups in the options of groups in which you have Add. From here you can message in your group.
You can also make a voice call or video call by clicking on Calls.
How to set Messenger settings
To set up Messenger, follow the steps given below:
Profile Icon
Open Messenger and click on your Profile Icon. Here you get lots of options. From where you can set up your messenger.

Notification And Sound

When clicking on Notification & Sound you can set Messenger Notification.

My Day

By clicking on it, you can write about how your day was and can choose who can see your My Day and who can not see it. Likewise, you get more options. Which you can set according to you.
Facebook Messenger FEATURES
In this, you get lots of features. Which you can take advantage of, know what features you get in Facebook Messenger:

You can also play games with your friends on this.

You can make video calls and voice calls to anyone in Messenger.
You can also turn your location on and see which of your friends are close to you.
In Messenger, you can also send Voice Message by recording.
With the help of Chat Heads, we can also do the message on the phone and do the same.
You can give your photos and videos a fun look at Fun Art And Effect.
Hide the Last Messenger
If you do not want to appear online on Messenger and your Last Seen is also shown, you can hide your Last Seen by following the steps below:

Open Messenger App

First you have to open Messenger in your phone. If you have not updated your Messenger then do it.

Tap On Profile Picture

After you open Messenger, you have to click on your profile picture.
Tap On Availability
Now a new page will open, click on the option of availability.
Disable On Button
Now you will see a button in the right-hand side which will be turned on by Disable it.
Tap On Turn Off
After this you will have a pop up window, click on it you will see a button of Turn Off.

Disable Chat Heads

Now scroll down the page to the page. The Chat Heads option will appear below and it will turn on Disable it.
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Just your chat has closed, then if you are online on Messenger then no one will know that you are online. How to create messenger pay group
You can also create a group on it and talk to your group:

Login Messenger Account

To create a group, first open Messenger.

Tap On Group Option
After this, you will find the option of group on the home page, click on it.
Add People To The Group
From here you can add all those that you want to add to the group.

Group Name

After that, you can name your group in the name option.

Set Group Photo

You can put a photo for your group in the camera's options.

Click Create Group

Now click on Create Group. Just got your group now.

How to send a video to Messenger
Video can be sent to anyone on Messenger Follow the steps below to send the video:

Open Messenger

First open your Messenger.

Open Chat

Now you can open the chat of your friend who wants to send a video.

Click Camera

After opening Chat, you will see the camera option at the bottom, you can create video and send it. You can send the Save video to your gallery by clicking on it in the gallery option.
Click Gallery
Click on Gallery's icon and select the video from your gallery.

Click Arrow
Now in the last, you will see an arrow icon of Arrow. After clicking on Icon, your video gets sent to your friend.

How to delete a message on Messenger

Here's how to delete a message sent to Messenger:

Open Messenger
Open your Messenger.

Open Chat
After that, the chat message to delete will go to that chat.

Tap On Message And Delete
Now press Long on the message you want to delete and click on the delete option, your message will be deleted.
Tap On I Button
To delete the entire Chat, you have to click on the Last button in the top.
Tap On 3 Dot
After clicking on it, you will see 3 Dot in front of the Details and click Delete Conversation and delete your entire Conversation.

How to unblock Messenger

If you've blocked someone on Messenger, then you have been told a few steps ahead to unblock him:

Open Messenger
First open Messenger.

Tap On Profile Icon
You now have to click on your Profile Icon.
Tap On People
In this you get lots of options from which you have to click on People's Options.
Click Blocked People
Now click on Blocked People
Tap On Unblock
The name of anyone who has blocked you will appear here, then click on Unblock next to the name of anyone you want to unblock.


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