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Indian Railways introduced new trains in 2019

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Indian Railways introduced new trains in 2019

Indian Railways have announced their plans to introduce several trains in 2019. Reports have been confirmed that some more trains of Hamasafar Express, Antyodaya Express and Uday Express will be started soon.

Anand Vihar (T) - Madhupur: Weekly Hamsafar Express

                Indian Railways introduced new trains in 2019


Apart from this, Indian Railways has unveiled several trains in India in 2019, and this year has definitely been there and will be a good year for Indian Railways and help bring the national transporter scale to new heights. Indian Railways is planning to introduce 10 new trains of Hansaf Express and 10 new trains of Antyodaya Express. A senior Railway Ministry official said that the target of production of coach in 2019-20 is 200 for Hansafar Express and 100 for Antyodaya. This means that 10 Hamsafar Express trains will be started in 2019-20 and 5 Antyodaya trains will be run. Both of these trains will come with modern LHB (Linked Hoffman Bus) coaches.
Talking about the launch of trains in 2019, Train 18, also known as Vande Bharat Express, was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India in February 2019. Train 18 is India's fastest train and is completely made in India.

Train runs at 18 km / 180 kmph, which is never managed by any train. Its first journey was from New Delhi to Varanasi and it will continue on this route for about 5 days in a week.

Trains to be started in 2019

Here is a complete list of all the trains that will be started this year:

Anand Vihar (T) - Madhupur: Weekly Hamsafar Express

Ara - Ranchi: Weekly Express trains

Bandra Terminus-Bhusaval: Khandesh Express

Bandra Terminus - Jamnagar: Hamsafar Express

Banaswadi - Patna: Weekly Hamasafar Express

Chennai - Mysuru: Express Train

Chennai Egmore - Madurai: Tejas Express

Chennai Egmore - Kollam: Express

Hubli - Mysuruu Vishwanwana Express

H.S.Nanded - H.Nizamuddin: Marathwada Contact Revolution Weekly Express

Hubli - Gangawati: Travelers special

Indore - Bikaner: Express

Kolkata - Silghat: Weekly Express trains

LTT - Madgaon: AC Double Decker Express

Nellore - Moore Market Complex: MEMU Train

New Delhi-Varanasi: Vande Bhaiya Express

Pune-Ajni: Superfast Hamasafar Express

Pune - Nagpur: Hamsafar Express

Patna-Banaswadi: Hamsafar Weekly Express

Ranchi-Patna AC Weekly Express

Silighat Town - Tambaram: Nagaon Express

Trains to cities of Telangana

Tatanagar-Aftermath: DEMU Passenger Train

Udhana - Paldi: Mammu Special

Udhna-Nandurbar: Mammu Special

Vadodara - Rewa: Weekly Mahamna Express

Yashwantpur - Shivamogga Town: Janshatabdi Express

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