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How to use paytm app

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                         How to use paytm app                           

To do a lot of work in our daily life, we need a paytm  App. But there are still some people who are the paytm App and do not know about how to use it. So today we are going to give you all the information about the paytm App. After reading this post, there will hardly be something in the paytm App that will not be known to you.

What is paytm

paytm is a wallet that you can pay for several types of bills. Whether it's online or offline, but you can not remove the cache from the box. But you can transfer cash into it directly to the bank.

 How to use paytm app,Which you can use on given places paytm

Through paytm payment bank, you can change Petty from KYC verification to paytm bank. It is recognized by the Reserve Bank of India. To make any kind of payment from the paytm App, you must first have to invest in it. Which you can use on given places paytm

1. Bank to Bank Transfer Money
2. All Operator Mobile Recharge
3. All DTH Operator Recharge
4. Metro card Recharge
5. Electricity bill payment
6. wallet bill payment
7. Gas bill payment
8. Offline bill payment
9. Online payment
10. Entertainment and movie Ticket
11. Loan and insurance payment
12. BHIM UPI payment

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