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How to create a Whatsapp Group?

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How to create a Whatsapp Group( group)

We have published many articles about whatsapps in which we have told you about features like whatsapp and today we will tell you that by making a whitspeap group you can chat with many friends together, you can max 256 Members can apply for banning WhatsApp. Do not allow WhatsApp to add members to more than one group

Whatsapp Group will also work just like your normal chat Only that you and your WhatsApp are in general chat, but you can add many friends to the Whatatspe group

 Whatatspe group,Finally your Whatsapp Group got ready
Whatsapp group

Let's know what is the group's whatsapp
To create whatsapp group you must first go to whatsapp
1) Now click on the message button and click on the new group


Click on the three dots option and click on the new group

Now all your WhatsApp contacts will appear

3). Click on all those who want to add to your Whitspeap Group

4). Click on the next arrow button

5) select an image from the gallery for whatsapp group

6). Add a name to your Whatsapp group

7). Click on the real icon button

Finally your Whatsapp Group got ready

Now you can chat with people who have been added to the Whatsapp group

And if you want to add more people to it

How to Add Maximum Members to Whatsapp Group

Click the header section

+ Or connecting participants will expose the contacts of WhatsApp
Tick ​​on any contact you want to add to the Whitsap group and click on the true mark button

All the ties you have tickled will be added to your Whatsapp Group
f you want, you can create multiple whatsapp groups in the same way and chat them by adding friends to them.

And if you want to create a whitspeed group then delete whatsapp group. We hope you have made your Whitespap group

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