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How to Change Facebook Password

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Facebook Password Change Your Facebook Account Safe! 

It is very important to take care of her privacy as well as her privacy. If you've forgotten your password or someone has hacked your password then you need to change the password of Facebook. How to Change Facebook Password Today you will learn about this in detail.
Facebook is the most used site in all social networking sites. Today almost everyone is using Facebook. Through this you can stay connected with your friends, acquaintances.

Do not forget to read,Step 1: Log In Facebook Account,Step 2: Go To Menu

Facebook Password Change Your Facebook Account Safe! 

So let us now know how changing facebook passwords will be able to keep their FB Id safe by changing their password.

Remember to change your Facebook password, it is very important to have your e-mail ID and mobile number. You can not change your Facebook password without any e-mail id and mobile number.How to change Facebook password
So let's get you out of this problem and tell how to change passwords from Facebook is also very easy.
Step 4: Go To Account Setting,Step 5: Change Password,Step 6: Enter Password Details

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Step 1: Log In Facebook Account

First of all, we will go to Google. You will type here if you already have a Facebook application so we can log on to it directly. You will then be logged into Facebook.

Step 2: Go To Menu

After logging in to Facebook you will see some options on the screen. The menu option will be clicked on the last.

Step 3: Tap On Setting

After the Facebook menu opens you will see a lot of options in it. Click on the Setting option.

Step 4: Go To Account Setting

After clicking on the Setting option you will see Account Setting option. Now go to Account Setting. In the Account Settings, you will see the option of Security and Log In. Now you can open it.

Step 5: Change Password

After opening it, you will see a password option click on it.

Step 6: Enter Password Details

You will have three options to change your password.

Current Password - The first option will be the current option, in which your current password has to be typed.

New Password 

Type the new password in it that you want to change. Keep in mind that Facebook is a password that is easy to remember.

Re-Type New Password

 After this you have to type in the re-typed that you have typed in the new password again.
Save Changes - Now you will see the option of Save Changes below it, click on it. After clicking on it, your Facebook Ka Password Change will be done.


You can keep your Facebook account safe by following these simple steps. Friends, if you do not change the Facebook password from time to time, your account can also be easily hacked. Anyone can abuse your account and steal your data. That's why Facebook should change the password.

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