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How To Apply Online For Ration Card

How To Apply Online For Ration Card

Friends Uttar Pradesh Government has created a system for applying online for Ration card through which you can make your ration card online by applying it. As we know, the Ration card is a necessary document in our life whether it is to take ration from the government ration shop or we have to take advantage of any scheme by the government or we are going to tell our identity Ration card everywhere It is necessary that if we do not have a Ration card, we have to face a lot of muscle, so in this post we have told you how to apply for your Ration card online. Sector.

Uttar Pradesh Government and Department of Food and Logistics have issued online application form for Ration card for citizens of Uttar Pradesh. Ration card of Uttar Pradesh has been started under the National Food Safety Act 2013 (NFSA-2013). The citizens of Uttar Pradesh will have to go to the website of the Food and Logistics Department of Uttar Pradesh to fill this application form, from which they can fill their application form very easily.

Ration Card Application Form

If you want to apply for your Ration Card, you have to give the following documents.

The entire family base card (if available)
Your voter card
Photocopy of bank passbook
Income certificate and income of entire family income
The name of your nearest public banker
Photo of a family head
Your ration shopkeeper's area is urban or rural
You have to give all this information during the application of your ration card.

Ration Card Application Form,Applying for Ration Card
Ration Card 

Applying for Ration Card

For this, you will have to go to the official website of Uttar Pradesh Government's Food and Logistics Department at and click on the link of the ration card registration and firstly you have to register yourself here, your An email ID and a mobile number will be asked which will be sent to your mobile number after filling, after which you will have to set your password. After doing all this procedure, log in with your mobile number and password. After receiving an application form for oga, ration card, apply, which will fill the form you apply for the ration card, Rashid will be available and your application will be approved.

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