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How much balance is there in PM Modi's bank account?

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Do you know how much balance is there in PM Modi's bank account?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a property worth 2.5 crores in Gandhinagar in Gujarat, according to his affidavit filed with the Election Commission on Friday, fixed deposit of Rs 1.27 crores and cash of Rs 38,750 in hand. Modi nominated Jashodaben as his wife and declared that he did his MA in Gujarat in 1983.

Do you know how much balance is there in PM Modi's bank account?


The affidavit states that he is a Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University (1978). He said that in 1967, Gujarat board passed the SSC examination. He declared movable assets worth 1.41 crore and fixed assets of Rs 1.1 crore. The prime minister has invested Rs 20,000 in tax saving infra bonds, Rs 7.61 lakh in National Savings Certificate (NSC) and 1.9 lakh rupees in LIC policies. His cash balance in savings bank account is Rs 4,143. Modi has four rings of gold, weighing 45 grams, which is worth 1.13 lakh rupees.
The Prime Minister has declared the details of the property in the affidavit which is an indispensable requirement for filing nomination papers. Modi has a plot of 3,531 square feet in sector-1, Gandhinagar. According to affidavit, the value of the property, which includes a residential unit on the plot, is estimated to be 1.1 million rupees.

While Modi has listed "salary from the government" and "interest from the bank" as the sources of his income, his wife's income source is "not known". His profession or profession has also been listed as "not known". Modi announced that he has neither a criminal case pending nor has any government owed to him. The prime minister, who wants a second term from the Varanasi parliamentary constituency, had disclosed assets worth Rs 1.65 crore in 2014.

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