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Eight WhatsApp Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks To Know In 2019

  Eight WhatsApp Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks To Know In 2019

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps with more than a billion active users. The new features are actively linked to the app and every few weeks we come in an interesting version. So, there are all the new WhatsApp changes that you should know about?

If you often use WhatsAppSpace for business or personal reasons and looking for ways to increase your chatting experience, here are some useful tips for getting the latest tips and tricks that you can benefit from.

Hide WhatsApp and Photos from the Gallery

1. Hide WhatsApp and Photos from the Gallery

What content is pushed on our phones through whatsapp groups, most of us do not have this control, and this content appearing in your phone's gallery can be a major problem.
WhatsApp has now added an option to hide media from specific groups in the gallery. To access options just open a Whitsap Group and tap on the name of the group (as shown in the image). This method will not delete the already present Whiteship images in your gallery (you have to delete them) and hide the incoming media.

2. Hide special contacts from viewing your story

Stories are a great way to express your mood and can be quite personal. If you do not want to share them with all Whatsapp contacts, you can prevent special status from seeing your status updates or stories because they are now standing.
Go to Whatsapp Settings >> Account >> Privacy
Exclude my contacts >> select >>
Now select specific contacts that you want to avoid and tap the tick mark below.
If you want to share status updates with just a few specific contacts, you can select the "Only Share" option.

3. Read messages without removing by Blue Ticks

3. Read messages without removing by Blue Ticks
If you want to read the sender without knowing whatsapp messages, then there are some ways you can do this.
You can completely disable Blue Tick (Uncheck Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Read Receipt), but then you will not be able to see if others have read your message or not.
You can read the message from the notification panel. To tap multiple or long messages to read it, just tap and swipe down in the Notification panel to tap it. This is more favorable as a temporary solution, eventually you will have to get rid of the notification for good.
Alternatively, just turn on AirPlane mode, read the message and then turn off Air Plane mode. In this way, you can read a special message without disabling unread receipts and without knowing the sender.

4. Removing messages after sending them

This feature has been added to What'sapp at the end of 2017. The app now allows you to undo messages that you have already sent, but have a hold. This feature works for messages sent in the last 60 minutes.

In addition, if someone has already cited your message, even within the 7-minute time limit, the delayed messaging feature will be ineffective.
Long press a message
Select delete for everyone.

5. Read deleted messages on WhatsApp

There is one way to read messages that your friends have removed from their end. Just download a notification log app and grant access to the notification. This app will keep a log of all incoming notifications and when you accidentally swipe off, you want to get a notification.

6. Reply to AutoWhatSpeed Messages

If you use WhatsApp for business reasons and want to add an automated reply message to WhatsAppSite conversations, there are many apps you can use to get it. One app you can try is auto reply for whatsapp.

7. Auto-suggestions for WhatsApp messages

You can also get auto-suggestions to respond quickly to whatsapp messages coming directly from the notification panel.To do this, just download the Google Answer app and set it up. We have also created a separate post explaining the process. Now every time you get a WhatsApp message, you will have the option to choose directly from some relevant smart answers. Since Google is powering this feature, it will only be better with time.

8 Share live location (real time)

Now you can share the live location with your contacts. The location has been updated in real time and you can place a tab at the exact location of specific contacts. You can share location directly for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours.
To do this, simply tap on the attachment icon in the text input field.
Now select 'Location' and then 'Share Location'.

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