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Canada's gift to Indian studentsvisa only now in 45 days

Canada's gift to Indian students, student visa only now in 45 days

The Canadian government has given a gift to students going to study in Canada. Canada has relaxed student visa rules for four countries including India. It has also reduced the time it takes in processing. Under the newly introduced new program, Student Direct Stream, processing student will get student visas within 45 days. Earlier this process took 60 days.

Canada's gift to Indian students, student visa only now in 45 days
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Apart from India, students from China, Vietnam and the Philippines will benefit from this step of Canada. The only condition is that the students will have to first tell that they have adequate financial resources and language skills. Only then will they be able to study in Canada under the SDS program.

Issuing a statement from the Canadian Immigration Department, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), said that earlier the visa process under the Student Partners Program (SPP) was a bit longer. The documents also seemed to be more. In more than forty colleges in Canada, the visa was available for study only. But under the SDS program implemented from the beginning of June, students will be able to get college level education in all designated learning institutes.

India-Canada Agreement in 2010

India and Canada signed the agreement in June 2010 for mutual cooperation in the field of education. This includes recognizing students and faculty exchange, research and curriculum development, and each other's academic qualifications.

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